First announcements for autumn:

  • we open a  regular group for beginners
  • we will lead monthly weekend workshops
  • we start enrolment for winter practice in India: January – February 2020

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9th Summer School of Studio Kalari:
29 June – 7 July 2019
StruĹĽyny, Poland

For whom is the Summer School?

Advanced students know that there is no better way to deepen and develop practice. Weeks of trainings in the city will not give such effects as those few days in the countryside when kalari becomes a priority.  

And if you have never practised kalarippayattu, a few-day workshop is a great opportunity to learn basics of this art and perhaps to find a new, rich source of energy within yourself. 

Learn more here.

Kalarippayattu, or an Indian martial art for kids and parents
June 22,  2019, Saturday

Park Staromiejski, Wrocław
hours: 14.30-15.00, 15.30-16.00, 16.30-17.00, 17.30-18.00

The workshops will take place within 12th edition of the festival Kaleidoscope of Cultures “WrocĹ‚aw cultures broadcast!”.  

How does an elephant look like? A lion? What about a fish? Participants of the workshops will learn animal postures, characteristic to kalarippayattu, as well as basic exercises and elements of movement sequences.

Kalarippayattu is believed to be one of the oldest martial arts in the world. It origins from South Indian state of Kerala and although in the past for centuries it was used by warriors to defend the Malabar counties, nowadays it is mainly a beautiful art of movement which allows one to recognize their nature and energy. 

The workshops will be led by mother and daughter: Justyna Rodzińska-Nair and Maja Sivasankaran Nair.
Hours of sessions: 14.30-15.00, 15.30-16.00, 16.30-17.00, 17.30-18.00
There are no subscriptions. Come and join any time!

Stick spinning class

16 June
23 June
Park Szczytnicki (meeting point at Dembowskiego/Tramwajowa St.)
entrance free
sticks will be provided by us

Practice with a bamboo sarira vathi stick of 1,6m-1,7m long is an element of the kalarippayattu training. Due to quite autonomous and multifaceted character of these exercises, summer weather and peace that one can experience while practising in the nature, we decided to make a separate class our of this pratcice.

During the classes, you will learn basic techniques of spinning the stick. You will trengthen your arms, correct your body posture, work on coordination and awareness.

The classes are open to all interested â€“ both these who have never held a stick in their hand, as well as those experienced (for example in circus or fire show). The way the classes are led allows participants at different levels to take part together. 

The classes will be led by Justyna Rodzińska-Nair.

In case of bad weather, the classes can be cancelled – updates will be published on Facebook.  

Open classes for beginners:

9 March
6 April
11 May
15 June

Thinking about people who would like to come to the first class and see what this kalarippayattu is all about, but somehow can not make it and get in a week, or feel embarrassed to join people already practising, or need a clear signal and encouragement, we decided to set some special free open classes for beginners.

The training program will include strengthening and stretching exercises characteristic for kalarippayattu, learning movement sequences and spinning with a bamboo stick.

You do not need to sign up – you can come to any training. It is enough to take a comfortable outfit (we practise barefoot).

9 Birthday of Studio Kalari:
12 May 2019 (Sunday)

Celebrate with us 9 years of our activities!

The programme will include:

  • demonstration class
  • films and photos
  • Polish-Indian snacks
  • exhibition of photos documenting our activities since 2009
  • exhibition of traditional weapons
  • bookworm corner – books about kalarippayattu really exist
  • lottery with prizes!

We start at 5pm in Paulińska 4/8 in Wrocław. See you there!

May workshop with kalari:
1-5 May 2019
StruĹĽuny, Poland

One thing at a time
We limit stimuli as much as possible and simplify our live for a couple of days. Kalari, meadows and a lake are enough.
When we practise, we do it up to maximum. When we rest, we take a deep breath and charge our batteries.
Do you also need the same?

During workshops in the nature, you can focus on practice and develop it much more effectively than during standard classes, while natural sourrounding support you in rest far from city noise and everyday routine.

For whom is the May workshop?
We invite both kalari practitioners, as well as beginners.
If you do not know kalarippayattu, the workshop is the best way to get to know the basics of this art.

Read more.

Winter practice in India: 7 January – 7 February 2019

In winter, as usual we invite you to join our kalarippayattu trainings in our kalari in Thiruvananthapuram, India.

For a few weeks you can take a break in everyday life and focus on practice in kalarippayattu’s motherland.

Plus beautiful nature, delicious traditional cuisine and magical aura of Kerala. Find out more

Workshops in Modena, Italy

15-16 December 2018
16-17 February 2019

Teatro dei Venti from Modena invited you to join a series of kalarippayattu workshops led by Sankar Sivasankaran Nair. You can join a single session or more.
If you are around Modena, join the workshop! Everybody’s welcome – both beginners and advanced students.

You can find detailed information here.

We support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

12 January
Saturday, 11am-12:30pm

We invite you to join the special charity training during which you can support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Donations collected during the 27. Grand Finale will help purchasing equipment for specialist children’s hospitals.

Join us and help – everyone is welcome at the training!

Past events