Online trainings


Online kalarippayattu training may seem a strange idea, but because of the worldwide pandemy of coronavirus which has been on for several months and nothing is as it was, we made a decision that was as risky as – as it turned out – exciting both for us and for you, and we moved our classes to the internet.

Currently, when not only participation in group classes is impossible, but even leaving home is very limited, we try to keep the rhythm of the practice in home conditions.

Openness to various possibilities, sympathy and enthusiasm of participants give us faith and energy to be active this way.

The advantages of online classes include:

  • Maintaining physical health
  • Relief of stress and tension
  • Mental rest
  • Regular rhythm of physical activity
  • Organizing daily schedule
  • Creating a community with other participants and breaking the isolation and feeling of solitude



Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 9am-10am
Tuesdays and Thursdays 7pm-8pm
Saturdays 11am-12 noon

Classes are held in the form of live broadcasts on a private Facebook group.
Classes are conducted in English, because they are attended by people from different countries.
Classes are conducted by Justyna RodziŇĄska-Nair

If you can’t take part in live classes, you can do them any time convenient for you – the videos are saved in the group for at least 24 hours.

Until March 31, 2020, trainings are free of charge.

For the trainings in the period April 1-30, 2020, the fee will be 100 PLN / 23 EUR / 25 USD. If currently this amount is beyond your possibilities and you want very much to participate in regular trainings, email us and we can negotiate ūüôā

To get access to online training, write us an email to We will reply to you and provide information on how pay and join the Facebook group.


  • We invite you to say hello on the chat when you enter a training. Thanks to this, we can get to know each other better and create a friendly atmosphere ūüėä
  • Online training has its own characteristics and it does not suit everyone for various reasons. We do what is possible at home for people at very different levels – there are advanced, beginners and complete novices. We try to choose universal and space-saving exercises that can be done in a small space. We also often give different versions of exercises – easier and more difficult.
  • In online classes, we focus on strengthening and stretching exercises and animal positions. We do not practice forms or fights.
    Unfortunately, we do not see how you practice, so we often repeat the most important rules and try to explain certain aspects of the practice, paying attention to details.
  • Everyone trains at their own responsibility – during training, please pay attention to your experience, health and psycho-physical condition on a given day.


  • Ventilate the room before training, but try not to cool it down too much.
  • Try to move a bit before a class starts – even a mini walk around the apartment will help you to warm up the muscles and joints.
  • Practice in a comfortable outfit, barefoot, on a non-slippery ground.
  • Make sure the battery in your phone / tablet or computer is charged, or connect a power source.
  • At the time when a training starts, go to the group page; you may need to refresh the page.
  • If you want to train at another time, go to the Videos tab on the group or find the video in the posts on the main wall.


“I feel great, blood circulates. It stretched and warmed me up.”
“Thanks a lot! Sometimes it was hard, but that’s exactly what I needed today”
“I personally am very grateful for the possibility of training online, because I finally have the opportunity to try it so regularly”
“Thank you for great trainings and courageous initiative”

Email us and join online kalari trainings!