Schedule and fee

ATTENTION! From June 1, 2020, we restarted training in the hall. There are special rules regarding hygiene and safety. Please follow these rules. 


Mondays           8:00-9:30
Tuesdays        18:30-19:30
Wednesdays   8:00-9:30
Thursdays      18:30-19:30
Fridays                9:00-10:30
Saturdays        11:00-12:30

Occasional changes in the schedule
On Saturday, June 27, the class is cancelled.
From July 4-12, classes are cancelled – we are on the Summer School.
In the periods July 13-17 and August 14-23,  morning classes (Mon, Wed, Fri) are cancelled. Evening and Saturday classes take place according to the schedule.


  1. Limit of people in one class: 5 participant + 1 leader
  2. Compulsory prior booking for the class. 
  3. Booking is done on the Facebook group Studio Kalari Wrocław or by sms: 509 345 995. If the limit of 5 participants is reached, we will create a waiting list. 
  4. If you resign from booking, please let us know as soon as possible so we can inform persons from the waiting list. 
  5. When you wait for training in front of the building, please maintain 2 m distance between each other.  
  6. Before entering the space, compulsory desinfection of hands and FEET! We will provide you with sanitizer.  
  7. During classes, don’t lay down on the floor, also sitting should be avoided.  
  8. Participants who sweat much are asked to bring their towels or another set of training outfit.  
  9. It will not be possible to use shower; only toilets will be available. 

Usually classes on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are held by Sankar, while on Mondays, Wedensdays and Fridays by Justyna.

We speak Polish, English, Italian, Malayalam and Tamil.

Beginners and advanced students practise together, each according to one’s own possibilities.

Read information for beginners and find out more about trainings.


The first class is free of charge.
Due to rules in June 2020, prior booking is compulsory. Contact us by email or phone: or +48 509 345 995.

Single entry: 30 PLN
Pass for 4 trainings: 100 PLN
Open pass: 150 PLN

Attention: open passes purchased in July are valid until August 31.

The open pass enables also free participation in monthly online trainings. If you wish to use this option, let us know.

Passes are personal and they are valid for use for the calendar month for which issued.
Preferable payment in cash.
Account number for transfers:
Towarzystwo Kultury Czynnej
Bank BP Paribas  21 2030 0045 1110 0000 0274 6670


Trainings take place at Dom Sztuki Pajdart (The Pajdart House of Art) in Paulinska 4-8 (Nadodrze), Wrocław, Poland. 


  • We come to classes on time.
  • We practise barefoot, in a comfortable outfit that would not restrict movements. 
  • During training you should not drink or eat.
  • When in doubt, ask a teacher only.
  • Every student is obliged to inform teachers about injuries and health problems. Participation is at the student’s own risk. Studio Kalari does not take responsibility for injuries incurred by students.
  • Fees/passes are to be paid/presented after classes finish.
  • Women during menstruation should not participate in classes.
  • Youths under 18 are asked to produce a written permission for participation in classes issued by parents or legal tutors.