Classes for beginners

We invite all interested in discovering kalarippayattu!

Even though anyone can join our classes at any time, no matter of their physical condition and level, we were often told that a separate class for beginners is needed. Therefore in the last season, we ran open monthly classes which also turned out insufficient, so from October 10, 2019 (Thursday) we start a brand new group for beginners.

 Who will teach?
Sankar Sivasankaran Nair (Thursdays)
Justyna Rodzińska-Nair (Fridays)

When and where?
The classes start on October 10 (Thu).
The trainings will take place on
Thursdays at 8pm-9pm
Fridays 8am-9am
Address: Paulińska St. 4/8 in Wrocław.

Do I need to declare on which days I want to come?
No. You can come to any training.

How much does it cost?
The first class is free of charge.
Single class costs 30 zł.
A monthly open pass costs 140 zł.
Attention: only in October the pass  for new-comers costs 100 zł!

What is the difference between classes for beginners and the other ones?
Classes for beginners are shorter  (60 min), less intense, and we dedicate mroe time to explain basic rules and exercises. 
The aim of these classes are to improve general condition and prepare those interested in coming also to the regular general trainings. 

Can I join a regular class and when?
Yes! Of course we encourage you to come also to the regular classes with advanced students. Whenever you will feel ready to join them, you’ll be most welcome. One person needs just a couple of trainings to change, while someone else takes more time which is absolutely fine. The regular classes have a special integration value but also they allow beginners also to learn from their more advanced colleagues while the latter have a chance to remember their beginning… 

You don’t need to subscribe, it is enough just to come to a training. See you in kalari!