Kalari and yoga

Many people ask if kalarippayattu is like yoga. Some use the name kalari yoga to describe the part of the kalari practice which includes exercises or movement sequences that are compared to yoga asanas. Perhaps this is due to the fact that kalarippayattu is a little-known martial art and its complexity is not easy to explain quickly, while yoga is a globally recognized reference point.

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Martial art of life and health, or what connects kalari and ayurveda

Ancient India is a unique cradle of the art of life, culture and philosophy. Indian civilization has created, among others, systems such as ayurveda, yoga and kalarippayattu. It can be said that Ayurveda – nomen omen knowledge of life (from Sanskrit: ayus – life, veda – knowledge) – lays the foundations for various areas of human activity and is present within them in various ways. Although at first glance dance, music, yoga or martial arts are areas distant from each other, requiring different skills, characterized by different dynamics and focusing on different aspects of life, deeply in their foundations they have a lot in common.

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