We’re starting a blog of Studio Kalari!

Recently, we have been experiencing a lot of changes, as well as you all probably. Our regular classes have been suspended since mid-March, and we run online classes, trying to find ourselves in this new reality. Unexpectedly though, the situation of online training brought us many positive reactions and caused a lot of interest in our business, although we are also facing many challenges. However, it looks like the biggest challenge was to change our mentality and believe in the possibilities of online communication – from reactions of many people it was clear that they often just waited to join us at least in such a form.

Although above this introduction you see the date 25 September 2018 – when our website was created, as well as the first test article on blog – we have not used this format until today, 29.03.2020.

Currently, when we teach online and it is difficult to pass a lot of information, I thought that writing a blog will complete this practice, and also it will be a source of information on kalarippayattu, allowing others to learn more about this wonderful martial art.

Enjoy your read 🙂 



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