studio kalari online

Online kalari workshop for beginners

Available in 2023.

5 introductory trainings to kalari practice.

It is aimed at beginners who have never practised kalari and want to learn the basic principles and exercises.

The workshop is tailored to home conditions (small space).

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studio kalari online trainings

Online tranings on Facebook


A set of over 300 workouts and 20 tutorials that provide support for self practice.

This is an option for people who rather already have basic experience of kalari training and want to practice regularly.

Most of the trainings were recorded at home (small space), but there are also a dozen recorded in a large space.

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kalari online rodzinska-nair

Online course

Available from January 2023.

A set of 17 trainings and 20 tutorials.

The course is designed for intermediate students and contains more sequences and exercises than the Facebook set.

7 of the trainings were recorded at home and 10 in the large space.

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