E-book “Kalarippayattu. A Holistic Martial Art from India”


History and contemporaneity, culture and tradition, theory and practice – you will find all these aspects of kalari practice in the e-book.

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The e-book is a translation of the first Polish book on kalarippayattu written by Justyna Rodzinska-Nair. 

Kalarippayattu is a holistic training system that involves the whole body and harmoniously develops strength, flexibility, agility and coordination. It shapes character, gives a sense of belonging and fulfillment, and develops self-awareness.

The practice of kalarippayattu is characterized by simplicity, strength, control, energy, rhythm, beauty, self-insight and attentiveness to others.

The author says:

There are already some books on kalarippayattu written in Malayalam, English and French. Each has a bit different approach to the subject. 

It’s not easy to say in few words what kalari is. Therefore my aim, as a kalari teacher and book author, was to explain and show the basics of this multifaceted and complex system, and to reveal that there is so much more behind the label of a martial art. There are self-defence and medical systems, theatre and dance techniques, personal growth, well-being and health to mention just a few aspects. 

The e-book answers such questions as:

  • Is kalarippayattu the world’s oldest martial art?
  • How is it related to traditional Indian medicine, ayurveda and yoga?
  • How is it practised in India?
  • What are the styles of kalarippayattu?
  • What is the role of a kalarippayattu master?
  • What are the typical exercises, movement sequences and combat techniques?
  • How do women train?
  • Is kalarippayattu useful in everyday life?
  • Where kalarippayattu schools are located?


Publisher: Ajurweda i kalari
Year: 2023
Number of pages: 207
Format: PDF file

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