Kalari trainings on Facebook


A set of 300+ kalari online trainings on Facebook.



A set of trainings available on a private Facebook group offers:

  • over 300 recorded trainings (each ca. 60 min.)
  • 20 video tutorials with explanations of exercises and sequences available all the time
  • no extra equipment needed (optionally you can use a mat or a blanket)
  • most trainings are recorded in a small home space (ca. 5m2), some are recorded in a big space
  • all trainings and tutorials are recorded in English
  • beginners and advanced students can practise together thanks to different 

Please check the complete description of the online trainings on Facebook HERE.

How does it work?

  1. Pay the fee and get permanent access to the group. In the comment to the order write your nick on Facebook in case it is different than your name as a client. 
  2. Request access to the group Studio Kalari Online on Facebook. It will be accepted within 1–2 working days (usually in few hours) and you will get access to all resources. 

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