Schedule and fee

Tuesdays and Thursdays:
6:30pm–8pm beginners and advanced
8pm–8:30pm advanced
10am–11:30am beginners and advanced
This schedule works also in the period July 15 – August 10. There will be special summer passes for this period.
If you’re wondering what a kalari training looks like, check it out in this blog article.
Regular classes are led by Justyna; Sankar usually teaches during workshops.


  • From August 12–31, trainings are cancelled (we’re on holidays). 

FEES until 31.08.2024

Drop-in: 40 PLN
4 trainings pass: 140 PLN 
8 trainings pass: 200 PLN
Open pass: 240 PLN 

Passes are personal and they are valid for use for the calendar month for which issued. They are not prolonged no matter how many trainings were done within a pass.

Preferable payment in cash.

Account number for transfers:

Towarzystwo Kultury Czynnej
Bank BP Paribas  21 2030 0045 1110 0000 0274 66

Organiser: Towarzystwo Kultury Czynnej. The classes are part of the project “Edukacja kulturalna Studio Kalari”.


You are welcome to join any training session during the week. 

No prior registration is needed – just come.

The free classes generally take place once a month – each first Saturday of the month. Please see the News section for exact dates. Participation on other training days is charged with a fee (drop-in is 40 PLN). For all fee options, please have a look above.

In your first class you will learn basic exercises and their different combinations, as well as one movement sequence; you may also start practising with a long stick. Depending on your fitness and ability, you may be able to practice slowly and rest more between exercises, or do them more intensely. Some exercises are done by moving around the room, while others – on the same spot. 

In general, classes are conducted in Polish, but if there are any foreigners among the participants, we also speak English.

Fitness is a relative matter. If you have some movement or sports experience, it can make it easier for you to practise kalari in terms of strength, endurance, mobility and coordination, but all these skills can also be gradually developed with our training. If you feel you want to try the kalari training, just come to a class.

The practice of kalari is not recommended during menstruation (especially in the first days) because of the dynamic and intensive training that puts strain on the body. 

No, you don’t. You can come to classes depending on your lifestyle and schedule, although regularity (like 2 trainings a week) is recommended and probably will result in more visible and tangible progress.  


Trainings take place at Dom Sztuki Pajdart (The Pajdart House of Art) in Paulinska 4-8 (Nadodrze), Wrocław, Poland. 


  • We practise barefoot, in a comfortable outfit that would not restrict movements. 
  • When in doubt, ask a teacher only.
  • Every student is obliged to inform teachers about injuries and health problems. Participation is at the student’s own risk. Studio Kalari does not take responsibility for injuries incurred by students.
  • Women who are pregnant or during menstruation should not participate in classes.
  • Youths under 18 are asked to produce a written permission for participation in classes issued by parents or legal tutors.