Trainings incredibly strengthen and shape both body and mind. This holistic approach is the thing I appreciate about kalari the most. I recommend kalari to everyone – for those who work at the desk, it is a great alternative to spend their free time actively and on ‘work out’, while for actors, circus artists, dancers or performers, it is one of techniques that gives a possibility of deep work with body, space and mind. It teaches how to control your energy, perform exercises and stretch properly. 

Moreover Sankar and Justyna are leders who motivate you to work, make sure you perform exercises correctly and also provide you with a great dose of positive energy! 

Kasia, culture animator and performer


If you are looking for something more than just a training, I strongly recommend classes with Studio Kalari. The warm-up exercises enable you to get stronger and more flexible, training of forms develops your orientation in space, as well as precision.

Leaders have vast knowledge so you can feel safe at a class. Although we practise together as a group, exercises can be modified depending on individual abilities and needs of participants. For sure it is worth to come to an open class and try 🙂 

Paulina, translator


When I came to the training for the first time, I was self-confident, or at least I was confident about my physical activitiy. A year before I had started to train – I had done my first half-marathon and since I had been visiting Sankar for ayurvedic massages, I got interested in these strange trainings which he conducted at the Grotowski Institute. 

It took me a week to recover after the first training. I learned a lot about anatomy that time. I did not suspect that I have so many different muscles and each aches separately! It made me think how little we move and how little we know about our body. So I stayed and I have been coming to trainings for years, I also take part in summer schools and winter practice in India.

During a training, apart from physical activity and workout, you can always learn something about yourself, about anatomy, about how our work and habits – in movement or food – influence us. However it would not be so remarkable and involving without Sankar, Justyna and people who gathered around this school. People of different professions and interests, connected by the belief that you can overcome your limits and what matters is the path and work.  Even if I never make split, I will have great fun for a long time by just trying.

 Dominik, robotics engineer


It was a pure coincidence when I found information about workshops in Indian martial art called kalarippayattu – the name which did not mean anything too me and which I even could not pronounce that time. It was a long, long time ago and I still practise. I discovered muscles which I had no idea exist. Even though I do not come to regular trainings (I do not live in Wroclaw), I regularly come to summer schools. Mody body really enjoys it – it is flexible and stronger. The forms which we practise let me find rhythm (both my owne, as well as the one of the group) and flow of energy, as well as integrate body and mind.  

I come back not just for exercises – I do it also because of atmosphere created by Justyna and Sankar, and the holistic approach to human being. Often there is lots of laugh during trainings, but at the same time there is awareness and respect paid to people, to the practice, to body and to space. When Sankar explains something, I feel it is grounded not only in knowledge, but also in understanding which makes me trust and opens another door for understanding of myself.  
Krystyna, animator and masseur

For me kalari is not just a sport; also people are important. I come to trainings for several reasons.

First of all, physical activity. I used to practice tai chi and in kalari I find some elements of it. I like to practise forms and I feel the energy similar to the one I felt when practising tai chi. On the other hand kalari is much more complex than other sports. We train the whole body from the first exercise until the last one. The trainings are not monotonous, there are different warm up exercises. Of course they repeat but each training is different. It is hard to describe – come and see 🙂 

Secondly, very interesting people. Somebody is an actor, somebody sings, another person works in a corporation or have a business. You’d say everywhere is like that, but I won’t agree and I have been to different places. Here people get into relations with each other. Sometimes we go to see performances together, or to a cinema, we go to mountains to just go for a beer. We like each other and enjoy spending time together also apart from trainings. Thanks to people whom we met on kalari, we went for a singing course and glass-making class. Plus fantastic leaders: Justyna and Sankar.

Thirdly, health. Sankar has a great knowledge of anatomy and body, of what and how influences its functioning. He sees immediately what a person can do and what can be harmful. Sometimes somebody comes to a training and asks Sankar to help with his or her backache. Not only does s/he get advice, but also can be “fixed” on the spot. It is not possible that we hurt ourselves during a class or that due to long training process.

And fourthly, India and Kerala food – both in India or during other workshops 🙂 But it is a longer story.

Natalia, historian