Online trainings


Are you interested in learning kalarippayattu but there is no school in your neighbourhood (town or even country?) or you’re stuck at home due to Covid19? Or maybe there are other reasons you don’t join offline classes. 

Although teaching kalari online seemed an unusual idea also to us, it actually turned out to be a great option to many students all over the world who cannot participate regularly in offline trainings. For them kalari has become so important and valuable that they don’t want to substitute it with anything other form of movement. 

Some of our students met us during workshops, while some discovered us only online. No matter which group you belong to – our online classes are open to everyone no matter of prior experience.


Our online classes are a compromise between traditional system of teaching and possibilities of modern technology, and an answer to all those who wish to practise kalari at home.

  • 4 live classes per week (around 16 classes monthly)
  • access to recorded classes (already more than 80 films) in the month paid
  • students from all time zones are welcome
  • 1 extra video tutorial per week
  • student-teacher forum
  • training adjusted to home space conditions
  • monthly pay-as-you-go basis 


Schedule: Mondays 7pm-8pm, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays: 9am-10am
If you can’t take part in live classes, you can do them any time convenient for you – the videos are saved on the group.
Platform: a private group on Facebook
Language: English
Leader: Justyna Rodzińska-Nair
Monthly fee: 30 EUR/35 USD



Through various salutations we express respect to masters, other students, opponents, weapons and space in which we practise. They remind us the time and space of practice is special.


Conditioning and stretching exercises of full body that develop strength, balance, body awareness, focus and coordination. From simple to more complex, they are adjusted to possibilities of students.

Animal postures

The postures carry energetic essence of animals ready to enter into confrontation. They develop stamina and patience.

of movements

Sequences include defensive and offensive movements. They develop body memory and coordination, as well as enable controlled and focused flow of energy.


Learn basics of traditional South Indian martial art connected with ancient medical system, Ayurveda.

Understand your body and keep it healthy.

Develop focus, motivation and determination.

Release daily tensions and stress. Get distance and fresh approach to life.

Improve balance, coordination and precision.

Develop strength and flexibility.

Feel complete and connected to your inner source of power.

Be part of an international community of kalari passionates.


I approach Kalari Studio to train rhythm, balance, frustration, concentration, and of course Kalarippayattu. But after my first month of practice, even though I trained all that, I discover a way to connect my body to my mind, all the time. A special connection that conducts me into a special state of being. That's why I can't miss a lesson.
Dani Ginebroza
Kalari online - of course, it is not the kalari that we do in a large space, in a group, under the guidance of Justyna and Shankar. However, it is a very good base of exercises that prepare for training which we do every day in the hall. Exercises strengthen and stretch the body, prepare for the next stages of training. Everything is explained in great detail by Justyna, so new people are able to understand how to do exercises, and those who exercise longer have the opportunity to correct a position or repeat a fundamental element. The possibility of daily online training gives the feeling that despite everything changes, kalari is always there, we are, we train, develop and we continue to do it together!
Magda Młynarczyk
I can't think of a better way to start the day than a kalari training, it gives so much energy and strength! I am really thankful to Studio Kalari for the online courses; now I have the opportunity to study kalari from my home in Finland. I have been practicing every day for a few weeks and can already see the results. I gained strength and flexibility, I improved my ability to focus and my breathing, and I learned a lot about this fantastic martial art.
I enjoy that I can watch the video when it suits me, although I do miss the contact with other people. There is a great variety of exercises and the regular repetition makes it easier to learn, as well as the precise and complete explanations of our instructor Justyna. I also love that we can do the exercises at our own rhythm, within our own limits. The trainings are as challenging as we want them to be, and that's great!
Aleksi Moine
I'm really enthusiastic about kalari practice. I start every morning sleepy but at the end of a training I'm tired but full of energy! I enjoy it so much that I already involved into regular trainings two of my friends, and I hope to find more!
Francesca Rosso


The online kalari classes are led by Justyna Rodzińska-Nair:

“I have been learning the Southern Style of kalarippayattu since 2004 with different masters, both in India and in Poland. Since 2008 I follow Sankar Lal Sivasankaran Nair.

I lead trainings and workshops, as well as manage organisation of events and communication of Studio Kalari.

Although initially I was sceptical about teaching kalari online, I started such classes in March due to the pandemy, and it turned out a great experience for many people who suddenly got access to this wonderful art.

In kalari practice, I enjoy intense workout combined with control, determination and flow of energy, and such trainings I propose to my online students.

In private life, I’m wife of Sankar and mom of Maja, Leon and Mira. I recharge my batteries swimming in a lake and reading books.”


1. Pay the fee 30 EUR/30 USD to the account:

Acount holder: Towarzystwo Kultury Czynnej
Address: Dembowskiego St. 92/1, 51-669 Wroclaw, Poland
Account number/IBAN: PL 21 2030 0045 1110 0000 0274 6670
Transfer title: your surname + kalari online + name of month for which you pay. (i.e. Nair, kalari, September 2020)

2. Email us at and send the receipt of transfer.

3. Request access to the Studio Kalari Online group on Facebook.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.