Kalari – a holistic martial art

Kalarippayattu (in short: kalari) is a South Indian martial art, believed to be one of the most ancient in the world. It combines intensive physical training with personal growth. Through committed movement, we transform our energy. 

Holistic practice involves the whole body, and harmoniously develops strength, flexibility and coordination.

Multi-faceted exercises and dynamic sequences of movement improve staminaconcentration and agility.

At the initial stage of practice, it is important to learn our own body, understand how it functions and prepare it to more advanced levels of practice. They include empty-hand combat and wielding wooden and metal weapons. 

A part of kalarippayattu is a medical system called marma chikitsa (or kalari chikitsa) closely related to Ayurveda, a holistic Indian medicine.  

Some of the kalari exercises are used in the traditional training system of Kerala actors and dancers.

kalari e-book englishYou can read more about kalari on our page, blog or in the e-book:

“Kalarippayattu. A holistic martial art from South India” written by Justyna Rodzińska-Nair is the first book on this topic ever published in Polish (2022). 

The book is available as:

  • English e-book
  • Polish e-book
  • printed book (Polish only) 

What our students say about kalari trainings:

Trainings incredibly strengthen and shape both body and mind. This holistic approach is the thing I appreciate most in kalari.


The forms which we practise let me find rhythm (both my own, as well as the group one) and flow of energy, as well as integrate body and mind.  Often there is lots of laugh during trainings, but at the same time there is awareness and respect paid to people, practice itself, to body and space.

During a training, apart from physical activity and workout, you can always learn something about yourself, about anatomy, about how our work and habits – in movement or food – influence us. However it would not be so remarkable and involving without Sankar, Justyna and people who gathered around this school. People of different professions and interests, connected by the belief that you can overcome your limits and what matters is the path and work.

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