Kalari – a holistic martial art

Kalarippayattu (in short: kalari) is a South Indian martial art, believed to be one of the most ancient in the world. It combines intensive physical training with personal growth. Through committed movement, we transform our energy. 

Holistic practice involves the whole body, and harmoniously develops strength, flexibility and coordination.

Multi-faceted exercises and dynamic sequences of movement improve staminaconcentration and agility.

At the initial stage of practice, it is important to learn our own body, understand how it functions and prepare it to more advanced levels of practice. They include empty-hand combat and wielding wooden and metal weapons. 

A part of kalarippayattu is a medical system called marma chikitsa (or kalari chikitsa) closely related to Ayurveda, a holistic Indian medicine.  

Some of the kalari exercises are used in the traditional training system of Kerala actors and dancers.

What our students say about kalari trainings:

Regular practice of kalarippayattu improves the quality of my life – I have changed unfavourable habits, and my body awareness and self-discipline have increased. Thanks to the trainings, I am constantly getting to know myself anew. 


Exercises and sequences of movements allow you to find your rhythm (your own and the group’s) and a flow of energy, as well as to integrate your body and mind. There can be a lot of laughter at the trainings and at the same time attentiveness and respect for people, for exercise, for the body and for space are always present.

Kalari is great: it gives you energy, clears your mind and gives you a new perspective; it builds strength and flexibility; it can give you a kick but is can be a meditation in movement, too; it puts you upright and builds a sense of your own body; plus all those sticks and other weapons!


kalari e-book englishYou can read more about kalari on our page, blog or in the e-book:

“Kalarippayattu. A holistic martial art from South India” written by Justyna Rodzińska-Nair is the first book on this topic ever published in Polish (2022). 

The book is available as:

  • English e-book
  • Polish e-book
  • printed book (Polish only)