studio kalari warsztatyWeekend kalarippayattu workshop
October/November, 2022
Wrocław, Poland

We invite you to join intensive workshop in Wroclaw. Four 2-hour trainings will be a good introduction to the basics of this martial art for beginners, while advanced students will repeat already known forms and develop their skills.  

Details and registration available soon

winter school kalari retreatWinter School of Studio Kalari
December 27, 2022– January 1, 2023

We invite you to join the last days of 2022 with us and practice kalarippayattu. We’re publishing the first info in March 2022, who knows how this year will end? Hopefully we can all find a few days then, and dedicate them to intense trainings of kalari (8 trainings total) along with taking rest in a peaceful countryside of Lower Silesia (South-West Poland).

As usual, the School is open to beginners and advanced students. 

More information will be provided in the 2nd half of 2022. Subscribe to the newsletter so you don’t miss it.


12th Summer School of Studio Kalari
July 2-10, 2022
Strużyny, Poland

We invite you to join our annual Summer School of Studio Kalari. Kalari trainings take place in the mornin and in the evening, while in between we take rest, cook and enjoy beautiful landscapes of the Lubuskie region in western Poland.

These few-day camps during which we can focus on the practice is the time when you don’t need to rush to the training after work or school, get stuck in a traffic jam or figure out dozens of urgent life issues. Instead, you can stop for a while, limit stimulation, listen to your body and energy, and to deepen and develop your kalari skills. 

The School is open to beginners and advanced students.

studio kalari warsztatyKalari – a holistic martial art 
May 13–15, 2022
Forest Lighthouse, Brussels, Belgium