Is it a dance? No! Is it a yoga? No! It is kalarippayattu!

Welcome on the website of Studio Kalari – a school of southern style of South Indian martial art, kalarippayattu. 

It is not only an ancient art of fighting, but first of all an art of learning about yourself, your organism and energy. 

Regular practice of kalarippayattu allows to achieve flexibility, agility and coordination, improves the strength and efficiency of the body, concentration and sense of orientation, and most importantly – makes you aware of your own abilities, allows you to control energy, shapes your character and supports your spiritual growth. 

Due to its multi-faceted nature, kalarippayattu is a proposal for:

  • people interested in comprehensively developing activities that will improve their general physical condition, even if they do not practise anything else,
  • active people who already practice other disciplines (eg running, cycling, yoga, dancing) and would like to enrich them with other elements of training,
  • people seeking a deep form of movement, based on conscious work on their own interior and at the same time allowing for the physical expression of their own temperament,
  • people professionally connected with the movement – in theatre or dance – who seek inspiration and development of both their workshop and spiritual practice.

Among our students, there are musicians, actors, IT engineers, chairmen, students, traders, social activists, artists. Here you can read why they practise with us. 

Kalarippayattu is:

*strength  *dynamics  *depth

*jumpiness  *flexibility  *harmony

*beauty *grace

*energy  *spirit  *mind *concentration

*gratitude  *respect  *humility

*dedication  *calm  *control

*recognition  *definitely  *power

*nature  *tradition  *health